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Pieceless Applique Shop Samples

I will be teaching my Pieceless Applique class at Sleepy Valley Quilt Company in Port Angeles in September and have been preparing a couple of samples for display in the shop. The first sample is using a block from Liz Jones’ book, Flowers, Hearts and Garlands:

Pieceless Applique Peach Floral sample

Pieceless Applique Peach Floral sample

The second sample is one I prepared using a simpler design that is more suitable for the students as a practice piece:

Pieceless applique four patch sample June 17 2013

I really love the book by Liz Jones where I learned this technique.  The applique patterns are really beautiful.  Click on the book name here to see  more details about the book on Amazon: Flowers, Hearts and Garlands Quilt (Applique Masterpiece)