I have two books currently available.  They can both be purchased in local quilt shops on the Olympic Peninsula here in Washington state, or online at Amazon (just click on the links at the end of each book description).

FFQB BookCoverImage

I’m going to talk about the second book first since it is the newest.  This is called Fast Fabulous Quilt Bindings.  It is intended to solve just about any binding problem you might have:  how to do a really good looking basic binding;  how to handle curves, sharp points, and inside corners; how to embellish your bindings with piping, lace, rick rack, prairie points, etc.; how to make a two fabric binding and a binding with an integrated flange that is done all by machine.  If you don’t want a binding, you will learn how to do facings or turned quilts.  And more!  It is fully illustrated with lots of drawings and color photos to show you every single step.  To buy this book, you can go to Amazon and type my name in their search engine – or just click on this link:  Fast Fabulous Quilt Bindings: Step by Step

SSQ cover photo adjusted Apr 2 2012

The first book, Super Swift Quilts, was developed after I designed some simple quilt patterns for use by my quilt guild for charity quilts.  There are 18 different designs with many variations.  All the quilts are about 42 x 50 inches in size, although they can easily be adjusted.  This book can be purchased on Amazon at this link:
Super Swift Quilts: Eighteen easy quilt patterns with variations

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