Fun Stuff

When I find something fun that is related to quilting, I will put it on this page.

Jigsaw puzzles

Do you like jigzaw puzzles?  I do! In case you are a puzzle fan, here is a link to some jigzaw puzzles I have made of my quilts.  Just click on the “Roses in a Vase”  picture and it will take you to my jigzaw album, where you can choose from several quilts to solve as a jigzaw puzzle.  And I couldn’t resist putting in one non-quilt photo I took of a fawn, just for variety.

Shirley Sandoz puzzle on

Bob’s Superior Jokes

Bob  Purcell, co-founder (with his wife Heather) of Superior Threads, is known for his (clean)  jokes.  These can be a great ice breaker at your next guild meeting.  Find them at:  .

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