Abstract Quilts Gallery

A little information about some of these quilts and where you might go to follow up if you are interested.
Several quilts are from classes I took from Dena Crain. She can be reached at her website/blog at http://www.denacrain.com and teaches now through a school she founded called QuiltEdOnline. Dena is an excellent teacher and a great teacher for new art quilters. Her modestly priced classes teach you methods that can be used to produce many original quilts, and they are not intimidating. A motivated beginner can get good results by her methods, and an intermediate quilter should have no problem with the techniques.

Two other great teachers with online classes are Marilyn Belford and Elizabeth Barton. They teach through the Academy of Quilting. Marilyn’s class, Art for Quilters, is excellent and pretty good for beginning art quilters. Her methods are quilte different from Dena’s and focus a little

more on basic art principles.   Two of the little quilts shown above resulted from Marilyn’s class, as mentioned in the captions.

Elizabeth Barton classes are the most challenging of the three teachers.  I have taken  two of her classes.  The Sliced Circle series quilts shown above resulted from her “Working in Series” class.  Another of my quilts “Leaves In The Wind” came from her class “Inspired To Design”.  I highly recommend Elizabeth’s classes because they really stretch you.  But don’t take them as your first art quilt class if you get discouraged easily.  Elizabeth’s classes give you the tools to take a vague idea, a photograph, or a shape and work with it to produce a truly original meaningful piece of art.  I could take her classes over again every year or two, and probably will.  I have a long way to go before I am truly skilled with the tools she teaches.


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