I teach classes at several local quilt shops in my area.  A schedule of currently planned classes and quilt shops is shown on my calendar page (see headings above).

You can click on any of the photos below to see an enlarged version.


Class Descriptions

Beginning Quilt Bindings  – Four hour class          

Learn the basics of a fast,  beautiful  French or double fold binding with square corners and a perfect end join.     Learn the secrets to successful “all by machine” binding techniques and where they should be used.   The instructor will demonstrate her unique methods for achieving perfect  sharp points, as well as a simple, no measuring method for joining the binding ends.

In class, students will bind small quilts with:  1) a wide double fold binding and   2) a binding with an integrated contrasting flange completed all by machine.  A class kit is provided (cost $15)  that includes the quilt sandwiches and binding so no prep work is required before class.   The completed small quilts can be turned into notions holders or travel bags following the instructions posted last spring in my blog (search   “notions holder” to find the post).

For students interested in advanced binding techniques (two fabric bindings, piping, prairie points, curves and sharp points, etc.) please leave a comment here on my blog telling me your interest and I will contact you when I schedule an advanced class.

FFQB front cover aa Aug 2 2012    Birds at the shore aa and trim Jan 10 2013

Quilting By Machine –  Two sessions, four hours each

Put more creativity into your quilt making by learning techniques for machine quilting. Save money by completing your own quilts!  This two part class starts simple and advances to more complex techniques.  You do not need to take both classes, but you must know how to sandwich a quilt and use a walking foot if you intend to take the Beginning Free Motion class only.

Class   I – Machine Quilting Using a Walking Foot

.3D flowers closeup aa and trim

Selecting batting and thread-Simple marking techniques-Sandwiching the quilt and deciding   on a quilting strategy- Packaging the quilt and setting up   your work space for quilting- Use of the walking foot and the   variety of stitches that can be achieved (stitch in the ditch, outline   stitches, curves, and decorative stitches)- “Hands on” practice with instructor   supervision- Students will prepare a sampler with a variety of walking foot quilting patterns, as shown in the photo below.

Green Beginning Machine quilting class sample

Beginning Machine quilting class sample

Class   II – Beginning Free Motion Quilting

Free Motion Quilting Class Sampler
Free Motion Quilting Class Sampler
– Set up your machine for free motion  work- Diagnose common problems, such as  tension and control- Try out tools for improving your  control of the free motion process- Learn meandering and discover that  you can quilt a lap size quilt in under two hours!- Learn stippling and a dozen other free  motion designs, most requiring no marking- Students will practice on scrap  fabric and learn how to complete a fat quarter sampler similar to the one shown on the left.

Landscape Quilt Class  – Six hour class

This class is based on a newly published book by Cathy Geier, “Lovely Landscapes: Using Strings and Strips to Piece and Applique Scenic Quilts”.  [Here is a link to purchase the book at Amazon; it is also  available at the shops where I teach the class:  Lovely Landscape Quilts: Using Strings and Scraps to Piece and Applique Scenic Quilts   ]

Have you wanted to make a landscape quilt but been afraid to try? This class will teach you easy techniques suitable for any skill level. Once you have mastered the techniques in class, you can do any of the 15 projects in the book or build landscapes from your own photographs.  Class project will be a small ocean landscape designed by the teacher, but students can choose to do any of the projects in the book if they prefer. Kits will be available for purchase for the ocean landscape class project; be sure to indicate if you wish to purchase the kit when you sign up.

Pieceless  Applique     –   Four hour class

This satin stitch machine appliqué technique works with any appliqué pattern but is particularly suited for complicated appliqués with many pieces and where the pieces overlap.  The appliqué fabrics are not cut into small pieces ahead of time, so there are no little pieces to keep organized and the technique is fast.  A couple of examples of these patterns are shown below (patterns from the book, “Flowers, Hearts, and Garlands”, by Liz Jones).  For this class you must know free motion stitching well enough to follow a line on a pattern, and have a sewing machine with a darning or free motion quilting foot.

     fuchsia tree color aa and trim Feb 14 2013  blue vase coral flowers aa and trim Feb 14 2013

A simple flower pattern similar to the one below will be used as the class exercise.

Pieceless applique single block

Supply Lists for Classes

1. Beginning Quilt Bindings

Beginning Quilt Binding class supply list Nov 2014

2. Machine Quilting Using A Walking Foot

Machine Quilting with a Walking Foot Supply List May 2014

3. Beginning Free Motion Quilting  – be sure to download both files

Machine Quilting -Beginning Free Motion Supply List May 2014

Drawing exercises for free motion quilting class May 2014

4. Landscape Quilt Class

Landscape Quilt Class Supply list Aug 20 2015

5. Pieceless Applique

Sandoz Pieceless applique Supply List May 2014


Scheduled Classes                                              

Scheduled classes are listed on the Calendar page of this blog.

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