Scrappy Blue Diamond Quilt

My blue scrap bin has been overflowing, even after I pulled out an assortment of light and dark blues for the pinwheel quilt I posted last time.  Many of my scraps are long strips, so I decided to make a blue quilt using these strips. I also cut more strips, ranging in width from 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/2 inches wide.   All these strips came out of the blue scrap bin, often from wider strips.  The length of the strips varied from 5 inches to 40 inches.

I cut out a bunch of 6 1/2 inch squares from newsprint to use as foundations for the blocks.  The blocks I made used light fabrics on one side and medium/dark on the other side, as shown in the photo below.  I found I had to mark a straight line on the wrong side of the fabric to ensure the seam was straight.  In spite of the spiffy laser line on my new Brother machine (more about that in another post), I couldn’t get a really straight line without marking.

Six inch finished blue diamond block

Six inch finished blue diamond block

After I had 80 blocks made like this, I arranged them into diamond shapes and sewed together the blocks to make the quilt top below.

Scrappy Blue Diamond, 48 by 60 inches

Scrappy Blue Diamond, 48 by 60 inches

There were lots of strips left over so I used them to make the quilt back as shown here.  I had been careful to stay with a limited blue palette in the blocks so the colors would blend, but I used some stronger blue colors in the back.

Strip pieced back for blue diamond quilt

Strip pieced back for blue diamond quilt

And here is what is remaining in my blue scrap bin.  It doesn’t even look like I made a dent in it!  Actually I did, because before I started it was hard to get the top closed.   I used up most of the lights but still have plenty of medium and dark blues left.

My blue scraps after finishing the blue scrappy quilts

My blue scraps after finishing the blue scrappy quilts

I think it is time to either get serious about managing my scraps or give them away!  More about scrap management in another post coming up — several quilters have developed systems for organizing scraps, and I’m going to investigate them to see if I like one.

2 thoughts on “Scrappy Blue Diamond Quilt

  1. Doris Murphy

    Thanks Shirley–I think you now know why my scrap bins are never empty. This week I pulled all my leftover batik scraps, put them in color piles and cut them into 2 l/2″ lengths then pieced them tog. until I had a little more than 42″. I get a lot of positive remarks when anyone sees my Stripalicious (sp.?) quilt made with Civil War repro. fabrics which was a 40 piece jelly roll that I got from Keepsake. I used muslin for the connecting pieces and plan to do that with the batiks. The 40 strips fit our king size bed edge to edge (3 sides) and up to where the pillows start. I fold it down during the day and at night it is our mid-weight warm quilt for the fall. So far I have 20 strips put tog. of reds, browns and greens and have very little left (yeah) of those colors. I know that you couldn’t live without the above info. Shirley !!! See you at the show. Doris


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