Hand-pieced Scrappy Triangle Quilt

While I was traveling this summer I took along some hand piecing work.  I cut a bunch of light and dark five inch squares from my green and blue scraps.  I marked lines 1/4 inch to each side of the diagonal on all the light squares, then pinned each light square to a dark one (right sides together, of course).  Then I hand pieced by sewing along the marked lines.  Once the lines on both sides of the diagonal were sewn, I cut down the middle between the stitching and the result was two half square triangle blocks.

After I got home i put the squares up on my design wall and arranged them until I had a pleasing pattern.  I used a sort of expanding pinwheel pattern, but lots of other patterns are possible.

Here is the resulting lap-sized quilt top.  The finished blocks are 4 inches.

Blue Green Scrappy Triangles, 40 by 48 inches

Blue Green Scrappy Triangles, 40 by 48 inches

I like the result and it was nice to have a portable handwork project along.  Not very speedy, though.  I probably could have done the quilt top in a day at home on the machine!

3 thoughts on “Hand-pieced Scrappy Triangle Quilt

  1. Gerri Ann Danilowicz

    I would like to buy the pattern for a twin size for scrappy triangle quilt in a twin. My grandson turns 12 in May and this would be a great pattern. He’s a huge video gamer and I’d like to find fabric with prints of 9ld and new games. I like to give credit where it’s due. Thanks.


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