Book review: First Steps to free-motion quilting by Christine Cameli

I have just read a new book on Free Motion Quilting.  This book, “First Steps to free-motion quilting” by Christine Cameli and published by Stashbooks, is intended to be just what the title says:  a beginning free motion instruction book.  As a bonus, it includes 24 simple projects that are designed to be quick to make so that you can spend a minimum of time making the project and most of your time practicing your free motion quilting.

The instruction section is short but complete.   The photos are good and the writing clear.  Extensive use is made of bulletized lists so that you can quickly see the important ideas without wading through lots of text.  In fact, as I read the instructions I found the author making all the same points I tell my students in my free motion classes.

Following the instructions, a thoughtfully organized section shows about 65 different free motion designs, all very suitable for beginners.  This section is a wonderful resource for quilting ideas.

The remainder of the book – in fact more than half of it – is devoted to the 24 projects.  There is a wide variety – bags, bowls, placemats, tablerunners, clothing, and quilts.    The last part of the section discusses embroidery – or using the free motion designs on plain cloth or readymade clothing.  Many of the projects have a “modern quilt” feel.  They are young and fresh and are likely to appeal to younger quilters (Judging by her photo, the author  fits in this category!)

In short, I heartily recommend this book.  I will be telling my free motion students that this is the one book they should buy as a reference.  You can  purchase this book at Amazon through the following link: First steps to free-motion quilting

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