Free Quilt Patterns and Designer at

I recently received a newsletter from featuring their free quilt designer.  It has some nice features and is a great way to get a free pattern and shop for fabric at the same time.  You can go see it at the following link:

There is also a short video showing how to use it.  Be sure to watch the video, it is short and a good explanation of how the software works. This is not truly quilt design software like Electric Quilt (which is great but costs money), but it is essentially a library of quilt designs that allow you to access the design, see what fabrics were used for the original design, change the fabrics to others available at Equilter, see how much fabric is needed and how much the fabric will cost, download complete instructions, or email your version of the quilt with instructions to yourself or a friend.

There are over 400 patterns available with more being added frequently.  Most of these patterns are ones created by the fabric manufacturers to feature their new fabric lines.  The software that Equilter has developed allows you to take that pattern and see how it will look with other fabric choices.

This is a great added feature to the Equilter website, and a very efficient way to access all those free patterns made available by the manufacturers.

Based on the email newsletter I received, Equilter will be sending out newsletters  announcing new patterns as they are added.  If you aren’t already drowning in emails from quilting websites, you might want to get on their mailing list.

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