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Tablerunner and Placemat

I have just completed a tablerunner and placemat that I designed to coordinate with the fireplace mantle runner I show in the Pattern section of this blog. Here they are:

Gold, black and cream tablerunner

Gold, black and cream tablerunner with prairie points and stripes

Gold, black and cream striped placemat with prairie points

Placemat with stripes and prairie points

I am writing up the pattern for all three now, and hope to have it completed in a week or so. Then I will upload it to Pattern Spot and announce here that it is for sale.

A quilt pattern tuneup – part 2



Based on some excellent comments from Charlie, I have gone back to Electric Quilt and come up with a couple of revised designs. The first just changes the widths of the sashing strips so they are all a consistent one inch finished. I think Charlie is right, it is better with the consistent width. The second, shown below, follows Charlie’s suggestion of making all the sashing strips one color. This quilt would actually be easier to make because the sashing would not have to be added to each block individually, and it takes fewer fabrics. The first version has a little more “punch” and the second is softer and emphasizes the print fabric more.  I like them both.

Garden windows quilt with purple and blue sashing

   Garden windows with all sashing the same width

Garden Windows with blue sashing only

Garden Windows with blue sashing only



Just getting started

I just put this blog together today, concentrating on the other pages first so there would be some content for readers to see and also so I could learn how to create the other pages.

I plan to document my quilting journey with blog posts as I go, since I really like to explore new designs, techniques, and gadgets.

My apologies for the roughness of this blog as it currently stands. As I get more skilled at blogging, I will make it prettier and more personalized.

All constructive comments will be gratefully received. Let me know what you think, and share your experiences if you are working on something similar.