Just getting started

I just put this blog together today, concentrating on the other pages first so there would be some content for readers to see and also so I could learn how to create the other pages.

I plan to document my quilting journey with blog posts as I go, since I really like to explore new designs, techniques, and gadgets.

My apologies for the roughness of this blog as it currently stands. As I get more skilled at blogging, I will make it prettier and more personalized.

All constructive comments will be gratefully received. Let me know what you think, and share your experiences if you are working on something similar.

6 thoughts on “Just getting started

  1. valleyview2013 Post author

    Thanks, Maxine. I am so glad you came to look at my first effort. And your comment helped me to learn how to find a pending comment, approve it to appear in my blog, and reply to it. All things I needed to know! So thanks for helping.
    Don’t be afraid to make your own blog. The instructions are pretty good. Since I have been teaching, exhibiting quilts, and publishing books I had a lot of material to use, so it was faster than it would have been if I was starting from scratch.

  2. Anne Reeves

    You have done a super job with your blob and I can only imagine it getting better every day. I am new to blogging too so I am going to click the “follow” box and see what happens.

    1. Shirley at Mystery Bay Quilt Design Post author

      Thanks, Anne! I am also new to this — I just started this a week ago, so I am still stumbling my way along, solving problems as I go and reading a lot of tutorials!

      I think one of the things that is supposed to happen when you “follow” a blog is that you get emails when I add a new post. If that is not happening yet, it is because I haven’t figured out how to activate it.


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