Pattern Page Reorganized and New Quilt Galleries added

I decided a couple of my pages here on my site – Patterns and  Gallery – were not very user friendly, because they were just one long page that required scrolling down to read.  I reorganized the Pattern Page with sub pages for the first three patterns.  Now you just click on the thumbnail image of the quilt and it will take you to the page for that pattern.

The second change is to the Gallery.  I have added several sub-galleries:  Abstract Quilts, Black and White Quilts, Oriental Quilts, Landscape and Portrait Quilts, and Traditional Quilts.  If you put your cursor over the “Gallery” title you will see these sub-Galleries listed.  Click on the name of the sub-Gallery and you can see thumbnails of each quilt.  Click on one of the thumbnail photos and you will be taken to an large photo of that quilt and can also view a slideshow of all the quilts in that sub-gallery.

I haven’t deleted the content in the main Gallery page yet because I haven’t figured out how to add comments to the sub galleries (techniques used, size of quilt, etc.).  But I wanted to quickly post about the changes, since they are now up and running!

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