Expanding Scrappy Spiral Free Pattern

I have completed the blue and green scrappy spiral quilt I showed earlier, and written up a pattern for it.  The completed quilt is shown here and the free pattern is available for download on my patterns page.

expanding scrappy spiral final Oct 11 2014

5 thoughts on “Expanding Scrappy Spiral Free Pattern

  1. Jill

    I cannot access any free patterns or gallery of pattern on your patter page…can you help please as I really like your spiral quilt

    1. Shirley at Mystery Bay Quilt Design Post author

      Jill, I will send you an email separately and give you the free pattern. I would appreciate knowing more details about your attempt to get the pattern so I can understand if there is a problem with my blog that I need to fix! Thanks for your interest, Shirley

  2. Andree Collins

    I am attempting my first quilt and saw this design and would absolutely love it to be my first creation.

    1. Shirley at Mystery Bay Quilt Design Post author

      I’m glad you like the design. It would be a great first quilt. Just pick a size for the half square triangles (6-8 inches finished is a good choice, but any size will work), select either one or two colors like I did or make it wild with lots of colors. As long as there is good contrast between the lights and the darks, it’s hard to make a mistake. And if you don’t already have a bunch of scraps, find some quilts you can borrow from! Shirley


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