Marking tools for dark fabrics

Recently I posted about removing white marks left from Frixion pen marking on dark fabrics.  I mentioned that I would be discussing other marking tools in the future.  The two tools I am reporting on today are the Sewline Fabric Pencil and white dressmaker’s chalk.

The Sewline Fabric Pencil comes in two versions – a single color version and a three-color version, where all three colors are inside the same holder. The lead can be purchased separately so the pencils can be refilled, and the lead never has to be sharpened. The colors available are white, pink, and black (more of a dark grey).

Sewline pencils and marks with the three colors of "lead"

Sewline pencils and marks with the three colors of “lead”

These pencils come with an eraser, and here is what the marks looked like after I erased them in the center.  The white and pink came off reasonably well, but the black did not.

Marks after using the eraser

Marks after using the eraser

I then washed the fabric with dishwashing detergent and water and dried it.  With some scrubbing, the lines all came off.  So these markers do the job.  I don’t like the idea of having to scrub my quilt, but at least the marks can be removed.  And the light colors came off most easily.

Sewline marks washed away

Sewline marks washed away

The other marking tool I have tested is white chalk. Dressmaker’s chalk comes in several forms, but the kind I am using today is the flat square shape, curved on the sides.  It comes in several colors also, but the white is most easily removed so I don’t recommend the other colors.  There is also an artist’s chalk in pencil form ( the Ultimate Marking Pencil) I recently purchased, as shown in the photos below.  Marks from both these kinds of chalk can be ironed away, as I will show you.  Warning: there are other chalks labeled “dressmaker chalk” on the market.  Some of them will not iron away.  As always, test before using on your quilt!

Here are the chalks I am testing today:

Chalk markers

Chalk markers

Here are the marks made by these tools:

White chalk marks

White chalk marks

And here is what the fabric looks like after ironing:

And the chalk marks disappear with ironing

And the chalk marks disappear with ironing

It’s magic!  The white chalk does not leave as fine a line as the Sewline markers or the Frixion pens I reviewed in an earlier post.  But if you can live with the thicker line and the need to sharpen the chalk marker from time to time, it is a great solution because it can be removed so easily.

You will probably find the Sewline markers at your local quilt shop, and the flat dressmakers chalk at your local sewing/craft store.  The chalk pencil will probably have to be purchased at an artist’s supply store.  If you can’t find these locally, here are some links to Amazon where they can be purchased:

Sewline White Fabric Pencil

Sewline Fabric Mechanical Pencil Trio By The Each

Ultimate Marking Pencil-White

Dritz Tailor’s Chalk and Holder

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