Quilting with a Walking Foot

Recently I posted a photo of my new shop sample for my Free Motion Quilting class. I am making two similar shop samples, so I can have them up in more than one shop at a time.

In the meantime, I have decided to create new shop samples for my Beginning Quilting With a Walking Foot class. I began thinking about how to design an effective shop sample that would be the basis of a reworked class (again, so students go home with a sampler using a number of WF quilting patterns/techniques).

I did an internet search for “quilting with a walking foot” and quickly found a great link: http://blog.petitdesignco.com/2012/10/31-days-of-walking-foot-quilting.html

In her 31 days of quilting with a walking foot, Norma of Petit Design Co. covers in great detail how to use a walking foot and shows a wide variety of patterns. I have bookmarked her blog and plan to spend more time reading it thoroughly. For those of you who don’t do free motion quilting for whatever reason, this site gives you great suggestions for WF quilting.

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