The importance of open-toed presser feet

Today i have been testing a new fusible web product.  I will talk about it once I have completed the test (which includes running it through the washing machine a few times) but another topic came up in the process.

I fused some simple shapes to a background and stitched around the edges with a small blanket stitch.  I used the “N” foot on my Brother VQ 3000, also known as the monogramming foot (could also be called the satin stitch foot or embroidery foot).  I had trouble seeing my stitching and was not very happy with the result.  Here is a closeup of the stitching; you can see I wandered off on the bottom right side and the background fabric shows between the thread and the fused piece.  Yes,  I know it could be a lot worse — but I freely admit to being way too picky! If I can make it perfect or nearly so, then that is what I want.

applique edge stitch wandering off on the left

I used the “N” foot supplied with my machine.  I was so frustrated by the lack of visibility I was about to take some cutters to it and cut away the plastic parts in front of the needle.  Fortunately I calmed down enough to call my dealer, Quality Sewing, and ask it there was another presser foot that would do the job. There is another foot and they have it in stock!  The two different feet are shown below — the first photo is the “N” foot that comes with the machine, and the second photo is similar to the other foot I am going to buy.  Nice and open so you can see what you are doing.

Plastic in front of needle makes obstructs the viewopen toe embroidery

Next time I visit the dealer I will get the new foot and I expect my machine applique is going to improve significantly when I can see what I’m doing!

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