Quilt Shops in Bend, Oregon

I was in Central Oregon this past weekend for a high school reunion and visited a couple of quilt shops in Bend.  They are great shops and well worth visiting if you are in the area.  The first shop I saw was Quiltworks (www.quiltworks.com), a lovely shop with a great mezzanine where they have changing quilt exhibits.  The photo below was taken looking down at the shop from the mezzanine.

Quiltworks in Bend Oregon

Quiltworks in Bend Oregon

The other shop I visited was BJ’s Quilt Basket  (www.bjsquiltbasket.com) , another wonderful  shop.  BJ’s shares their space with a sewing machine dealer – a nice resource when students have machine problems during a class.  The photo below shows some of their space.

BJ's Quilt Basket  Bend Oregon

BJ’s Quilt Basket Bend Oregon

Both shops have a great selection of fabrics.  There are several other quilt shops in Bend and the neighboring towns, but I didn’t have time to visit them.  Maybe I will get back there sometime soon.

1 thought on “Quilt Shops in Bend, Oregon

  1. John Martin

    You sure keep busy with such wonderful things! What a well deserved activity for you! Wishing you success with Mystery Bay Quilt Design! John Martin


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