Pacific West Quilt Show Aug 23-25, 2013

This year’s Pacific West Quilt Show will be at the Tacoma Convention Center August 23-25. Based on previous years, this will be a great show with lots of beautiful quilts. The venue is nice also. I particularly like the many seating areas where you can relax and take a break in between visits to the exhibition halls.

If you haven’t used the tram (I think they call it light rail) to get around downtown, I urge you to try it. Park at the Tacoma Dome station at the end of the line where parking is free in a big multi level garage, hop on the tram (also free) and in ten minutes you are dropped off in front of the convention center. Way easier than trying to find and paying for a parking spot in one of the downtown lots.

I am pleased that two of my quilts – Leaves in the Wind and Fireballs – have been accepted into the show. You can see photos of them in my gallery.

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